Instead of just telling you about how awesome we are, or sharing videos of our teachers playing, we want you to see the results and the students speak for themselves!!


Joseph Walker “Just in 3 weeks, I’ve done things I didn’t think I could ever do.”

Check out Jackson Robinson’s epic song he wrote in only a year and a half of lessons! He started with us about 3 months after getting his first guitar and has made some crazy progress since then.

Here’s a 4 month vs year and a half comparison so you can see the difference!!

Elliot Coody talks about the crazy progress that he made in 3 years with head instructor Chris Hirsch! He played for about 8 years semi-seriously before deciding to get comfortable actually learning how to play at advanced levels and make his own style develop.(snippets of playing are spread throughout the video)

Ryan Priestly talks about how he’s made major progress in the past 7 months compared to his previous 9 years of playing guitar. Check out this guy shred it up!

Alan-Michael Stephenson talks about his lessons and then shows off what he’s accomplished in only 5 short months! If you want to skip the talking part, his playing starts around the 1 minute mark, and it’s crazy good, ESPECIALLY for having no prior experience!

JB Robinson shows that kids can rock out too! Only 10 years old, he shows off how much he’s learned in a year and a half of playing.

Hey we can get bass players rocking out too! Kenny Ray shows off what he’s accomplished in 7 months. Starting out, Kenny had been playing bass for a couple years, but didn’t know how to do much other than read tabs or hold down the root note for chords. Now he’s going crazy with melodic triads and crazy bass solos!

Oscar shows that it’s never too late to do something you’ve always wanted to do if you apply yourself! He talks for a bit about his lessons and then shows off what he’s accomplished in only 1 month!